16 September 2015

T.D. Williamson Inc. Success Story

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ice Contact Center for Lync / Skype for Business


With today's busy schedules, people's time is precious. If requests are not answered within a short period of time, be it through phone, email, SMS, Twitter, Skype, or Lync, customers will turn to other vendors or service providers. Businesses that use basic call management systems are often unable to support the modalities and offer the type of service customers have come to expect.

T.D. Williamson (TDW) is a global pipeline manufacturing and service company with a dedication to quality and extreme customer commitment. TDW has seen great success using Lync 2013 as a tool for communication, using it for global conferencing and internal communications. ComputerTalk's ice (Intelligent Communications Exchange) gave TDW the ability to use their existing Lync infrastructure to decrease response times and improve customer service in their internal help desk.


T.D. Williamson saw several benefits

  • Faster Response Time
  • Immediate Information

  • Scalable



TDW’s internal help desk used a basic Avaya call management system to deliver customer service to internal employees. Unfortunately, the system did not provide TDW with the robust routing they needed. In some cases, auto-attendants routed calls inaccurately. The average response time was reportedly as high as half an hour and they were seeing an increasing number of abandoned calls. With no existing reporting system in place, they were unable to track customer call volumes and patterns, therefore unable to improve their customer service.

TDW uses Lync as their global conferencing solution and are in the process of converting their VoIP solutions to Lync Enterprise Voice. Therefore they demanded a contact center solution that would be able to fully integrate with Lync.



Faster response time

With ice effectively routing calls, customers are quickly directed to appropriately-skilled agents, increasing response time and decreasing the amount of abandoned calls.

Immediate information

With real-time monitoring and in-depth historical reporting, TDW can create reports and track the call abandonment rate. They are able to discover the causes of high response times and high abandon rates, design a solution to combat it.

Scalable to meet growing demands

ice is highly customizable enabling it to continuously meet the changing needs of the business. It is easy to modify queue and agent assignments. Also, it is easy to add new agents while retaining inactive ones for reporting continuity.



When TDW first saw ice contact center, they were "immediately impressed with its dynamic, customizable functions and features, as well as its technologically agnostic nature. [Having] a solution that provides this versatility allows options for future changes while protecting the investment on the long term," says TDW’s IT system administrator, Drew Stuart.

After implementing ice on their internal IT helpdesk, they saw immediate results - their response time dropped to an average of 18 seconds within 72 hours of going live.

Because ice delivered what they needed, TDW is implementing ice in their external customer service/sales department. It will help them deliver quicker service to TDW customers. They are also planning to expand ice in multiple service centers.

ice contact center helped TDW improve their customer services by reducing response time and providing monitoring tools. This is just one of the ways ComputerTalk helps organizations use technology to improve their communications process. For more information, visit http://computer-talk.com/en/enterprise-products/ice-contact-center-for-lync




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