06 November 2017

ice Mobile SDK: The Mobile Customer Journey

Written by Christopher Liko, Posted in Contact Center, ComputerTalk, Technology

The power of mobile communications comes from the ability to interact anytime, anywhere. In a mobile-first world, your customers expect help when and where it is needed. The most effective way to meet this need is by integrating the contact center into your mobile app.

The contact center is the most powerful customer experience engine. Using intelligent routing and integrations, the contact center enables contextual interactions with your customers, saving time and frustration for contact center agents and customers. What if you could use your mobile application to enhance your interactions with customers? What if your customers could connect with you anytime, anywhere? How would that experience benefit your customer and your business? Watch this video to find out:

In this video, we see the insurance company leveraging a number of features made available through mobile contact center integration.

Mobile device functionality: Leveraging the capabilities of the mobile device can be extremely powerful. The insurance company can learn the exact location of the accident, view photos of the collision and move the conversation across media channels, using the power of the mobile device.

Cost and time efficiency: The insurer saves money and time in a number of ways here. The claim is processed more quickly because everything is filed electronically and instantly. The company doesn’t have to send a representative to audit the accident or the files. Furthermore, the company creates a happy, mobile-first customer that will be more likely to interact with them in the future.

Mobile context: The insurance company already has context about the user’s profile and history via their customer account. Further, the company can track the user’s progress within the app and prompt a conversation when necessary. The agent will know what pages the user viewed before beginning the conversation, allowing them to resolve issues more efficiently. You can even use context to proactively start a conversation using push notifications or popups within the app.

Here is an example of proactive engagement: Jack is in a car accident, and in his panicked state, he can’t find the “File a Claim” button in his mobile app. He is searching through several pages in the app, and the app detects that he has scrolled through several pages without clicking any buttons. The app then prompts him with a “Contact Us” pop up.

These are only a handful of benefits delivered via mobile and the contact center. Each business can gain unique advantages using this type of integration.

Getting Started

If you are interested in delivering a mobile experience to your customers via the contact center, we can help. The ice Mobile SDK is available to organizations that are prepared to take a mobile-first approach to customer experience. Whether or not you already have a mobile app for your customers, the SDK is able to integrate the contact center directly into any Android or iOS app. To learn more, you can contact us here: http://www.computer-talk.com/en/request-demo

If you would like to learn more about mobile communications and get a sneak peek of the ice Mobile SDK, sign up for our upcoming webinar here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/4103189764553141762


09 June 2014

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