From small internal help desks to complex cross-geography contact centers, ice (intelligent communications exchange) Contact Center for Office 365 helps you to provide excellent customer service across multiple communication channels: voice, instant messaging, web chat, social media, SMS, email. ice dramatically improves the power and reach of Lync Online or Skype Online.

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ice adds enterprise-class contact center capabilities to your Office 365 environment. With ice and Office 365, companies can run full inbound/outbound contact centers, complete with real-time monitoring, historical reporting, and the ability to build advanced customer service applications – it’s everything you need to resolve problems quickly and create a positive customer experience.

ice allows your customers to reach agents from any phone simply; ice connects Office 365 to the PSTN. Alternatively your customers can connect to you using Lync or Skype, web chat in any browser, social media applications such as twitter, email or text messaging.

If you choose, ice can automatically present voice, text or speech-powered menus to your customers and use this information to route calls to the right agent at the right time. In some cases an entire customer interaction can be automated using ice’s sophisticated workflow designer tool.  While your customers are in queue waiting for an agent ice provides you with sophisticated control over music on hold, messaging, or estimated wait time messages. ice supports virtual hold if your customers would prefer to be called back when an agent becomes available or at a specified time. With ice calls can be automatically or manually recorded.

Deliver exceptional internal or external service

While Lync and Skype for Business include simple voice queuing using response groups, ice open up the world of IM queuing, web chat queuing, email queuing and social media queuing. IM queuing is especially valuable for internal help desk applications. And because all of ice’s sophisticated skills-based routing tools are available regardless of which modality your customers use to contact you, you can deal with requests fast, accurately and improve first-call resolution and overall customer satisfaction.

For inbound calls, IMs or emails, ice can be connected to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or any leading CRM, so that relevant customer information automatically “screen pops” onto an agents screen. The agent can then use this information to best service the customer.

The detailed real-time dashboard built into ice allows you to manage and monitor your contact center on a minute-to-minute basis and ice’s historical reports help you identify the appropriate staffing levels by day, hour and subject area.

ice powers outbound campaigns

For outbound campaigns, ice allows Lync Online or Skype Online to place outbound calls to any phone number and tracks, and can record, outbound calls. Call information can automatically be populated into Dynamics CRM or any other leading CRM tool so that you maintain a complete view of all customer interactions.

iceAlert further extends outbound capabilities enabling automated notifications via voice, email or text messaging.

ice works seamlessly with Skype Online or Lync Online

Because ice is a native Lync and native Skype for Business application, it works seamlessly with Lync Online as well as Skype For Business Online. And just like Office 365, ice allows your customer service agents to work anywhere, anytime.

Leverage your existing PBX

If like many organizations you use Office 365 along with a traditional Cisco, Avaya, Mitel or other PBX or telephony services then ice should be a strongly considered contact center solution. Unlike less capable solutions, ice supports agents using Lync or Skype along with agents using any other IP, TDM or mobile phone. Flexibility is built into ice.

Because ice has evolved over 20 plus years, we understand the need to support a variety of endpoints and preserve your investment as you transition. The ice agent experience remains consistent as you move from where you are to where you want to be. This reduces your overall costs and prevents disruption in customer service even as you transition to new technology.

On-premises, Cloud and Hybrid Options

With options to have ice on premises or in the cloud, we can design a contact center solution that best fits your organization and the way you use Office 365 today and in the future.

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Every point of contact between your customers and your organization can have a large impact on people's perception of your company. An enterprise-class system can improve the communication experience between these two groups. ice offers your contact center, your users, and your decision makers several features.

All-in-One PlatformAll-in-One
Cloud and On-PremiseCloud and
Multi-Channel ElevationsMulti-Channel
WebRTCWebRTC Video CallsVideo Calls Integrated Interaction ViewerIntegrated Interaction
Multimodal RecordingMultimodal
Skype for Business Qualified ProductSkype for Business
Qualified Product
Enterprise-level SecurityEnterprise-level
Built-in TTS and Speech IVRBuilt-in TTS and
Speech IVR
SMSSMS Response Groups IntegrationResponse Groups
CRM, Helpdesk and WFM IntegrationCRM, Helpdesk
and WFM
Real-time Speech AnalyticsReal-time
Speech Analytics
Real-Time and Historical Reporting ToolsReal-Time
and Historical
Reporting Tools
Software Only. No Specialized Hardware RequiredSoftware Only.
No Specialized
Hardware Required
Social Media QueuingSocial Media

 What is ice?

ice is a contact center productivity suite, composed of modules that work together to provide a seamless communication experience. These components work together to give you full enterprise-class contact center functionality.


ice Journal

An integrated interaction viewer. Agents, supervisors, and administrators can look up recorded and in progress interactions, view contact history, and perform evaluations.





ice Monitor

A dashboard display of real-time information. This tool enables team leads and supervisors to perform simple contact center administration, such as managing queues, rerouting contacts, monitoring user performance, and creating custom alerts that pop up or are emailed.

ice Reports

Provides over 100 in-depth historical reports, equipping you with the data you need to make informed decisions and effectively strategize for the future.


ice BAR

A contact management tool for handling contacts. Using this module, agents can also view queue stats, pick up queued contacts, input reason for call codes, and access CRM information. Team leads and supervisors can silently monitor calls, reroute contacts, and enabling recording as required.


icebar screen 2



ice Workflow Designer

A powerful drag-and-drop graphical editor that makes it easy to design and change processes, based on your changing organizational needs. Using this designer tool, you can create custom applications that support industry-specific business requirements and to integrate your collaboration and communication tools onto one platform. (Watch video)

ice Administrator

The administration portion of the contact center. Administering your contact center has never been easier – add or change user accounts, queues, teams, connection addresses, all on one interface.


 Where can you use ice?

Interactive Voice Response Technical Support Help Desk
Customer Service Telesales Virtual Call Center
Government Finance/Insurance Retail
Technology Outsourcers  

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