31 Octobre 2012

Healthcare Unified Communications

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Consumerization of UC

Healthcare Unified Communications

Mobile applications are simply UC-enabled interfaces. Health care and financial services companies take the lead with proactively requiring customers to use specific types of mobile apps. Soon other bodies such as government and education will use mobile apps to facilitate their service responsibilities. This will have mega impact on UC evolution. It’s the wave of the future.

Today, with smartphones and tablets (and the latest addition – Microsoft Surface) connections require user interface flexibility for both initiating and responding to contacts between people and/or with online automated applications. UC enablement will help maximize effective usage of inbound and outbound mobile self-service applications, such as iceAlert an automated messaging system from ComputerTalk. It’s already shown that tasks that once could only be performed by customer-facing staff are replaced by mobile applications which are flexible, simpler and location independent. This requirement and growing demand will necessitate further use of UC and thereby kicking UC evolution into higher gear.

Imagine doctors prescribing the use of smartphones for apps that report a patient’s medical status such as blood pressure, heart rate, glucose tests etc. This will eliminate unnecessary doctor visits and further improve responsiveness to critical health situations, as well allow collaborating between different care providers. Once mobile end users are exposed to the effectiveness of any UC-enabled application, it won’t take long to migrate them to other more specialized business applications. UC-enabled interfaces will be the future where human contacts are involved.

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