26 June 2013

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) July 7 – 11 in Houston, Texas

Written by Martin Borowski, Posted in Microsoft, ComputerTalk

We are attending.

We will be attending the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) July 7 – 11 in Houston, Texas. We’ll also be showcasing our Lync 2013 ISV Qualified ice Contact Center for Microsoft Lync. We are very excited to share with you the benefits that our new and improved features will bring - Twitter queuing, Skype integration, Look Back recording and more!

Skype is currently bringing down the barriers of communication for over 254 million users, bridging them across multiple platforms, across countries and continents, at low costs. This will have a huge impact in the enterprise communication and contact center space. We have every intention to be there to help partners understand what that means for their infrastructure and telephony investments.

Come visit us at Booth 343 in the Enterprise Social Neighbourhood. You can also schedule a demo with us by filling the from here.

17 June 2013

ComputerTalk Technology’s ice Contact Center for Microsoft Lync is now Lync 2013 Qualified

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The latest release of ice delivers additional features and Lync 2013-qualified reliability.

For immediate release

June 17, 2013 - Richmond Hill, Ontario -- ComputerTalk Technology announces today that their ice Contact Center for Microsoft Lync has passed all required tests to become a Lync 2013 Qualified Contact Center solution.

ComputerTalk is a Microsoft Gold Communications and Application Development partner specializing in the delivery of business communication solutions, business process automation, and cloud / on-premise contact center. ComputerTalk also hosts Lync in a PCI-compliant cloud.

The Microsoft Lync Independent Software Vendor Qualification Program is for partners who have built applications and solutions on top of Lync 2013. Partners with this qualification can provide customers with seamless setup, support, and use of qualified telephony infrastructures, applications and services with Microsoft’s unified communications software.

ComputerTalk’s ice Contact Center for Microsoft Lync enables organizations to bring Lync 2013 unified communications to their contact centers and to extend the power of contact center applications to the rest of the enterprise. Customers will benefit from having voice telephony and UC combined with enterprise-standard Interactive Voice Response and Automated Contact Distribution, as well as fully-featured agent, supervisor, and administration tools, all tightly integrated in the same architecture.  ice is software only, runs on commodity hardware, and can be deployed in any physical or virtual machine environment, be it on premise, or in a dedicated or multi-tenant cloud.  ice helps businesses realize a quicker return on investment and decrease in costs.

“Building on our Lync 2010 qualification, we were able to develop a reliable contact center solution that works with the latest version of Microsoft Lync. Our solution embeds ice as a full member of the Lync topology, and gives business users access to a set of tools to graphically define call treatments, monitor activity in real time, and report on historical performance,” said Chris Bardon, Chief Product Architect. “By working with Lync, we create a new form of UC Contact Center, delivering voice, Instant Messaging, Presence, and Video options that we know the market has been waiting for.”

ComputerTalk will be showcasing the newest release of ice Contact Center for Microsoft Lync, at the upcoming Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston, Texas, July 7th through 12th at Booth 343.

About ComputerTalk

ComputerTalk is a Microsoft Gold UC voice specialist with over 25 years of experience in providing speech-based IVR, unified communications, and contact center solutions to hundreds of enterprises worldwide. We are Microsoft IMPACT Award winners for Communications Partner of the Year for our Microsoft Lync ISV qualified contact center solution.

As Canada’s leading contact center provider, we deliver skill-based routing, real-time monitoring, detailed analytics, in-depth reporting, and other features to the public and private sectors. ComputerTalk’s solutions have been deployed in the government, commercial, financial, healthcare, utility and transportation sectors.

08 May 2013

Showcasing Microsoft Lync 2013 on Office 365 cloud

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At the recent Lync release Derek Burney (Corporate VP, Microsoft Lync & Microsoft Office Data) took the center stage showcasing Microsoft Lync 2013 fully running on Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365. This integration will be implemented across the service within the next 18 months.

Here are the highlights of the items demonstrated at the release event:

  • The ease with which a new user can be added to an Office 365 account with whatever Office application license.

  • Using Lync on array of mobile clients. Starting obviously with a Windows phone to Android and iPhones. He expressed that the client retains its “Lync-ness” while still adapting to the design of each mobile operating system. Creating ease of use and comfort.

  • Discussion of Lync Web app for browsers. Allowing any user join a meeting from a PC or Mac browser

  • WebRTC – the Web Real Time Communication and the premise to support this exciting initiative in the near future once standard is ratified

  • Focus on moving Microsoft Lync into the conference room. Using two large touch-screen displays, Burney demonstrated how with single-touch to join a meeting and then designate one screen to video and the other to electronic virtual whiteboard. This allowed for note taking of the meeting eliminating the need to take pictures of the old-fashioned whiteboard.

While the demo wasn’t groundbreaking, the overall delivery signified the fulfillment of the vision Microsoft had for Lync. They have delivered a UC system that can provide voice as well as IM/Presence, video, desktop sharing and overall all elements of modern communications system. It can run on all the major platforms whether desktop or mobile and now is moving into conference rooms. The success and popularity of Microsoft Lync keeps on growing and enhancing.

Contact us if you need help implementing Microsoft Lync and Office 365 with your contact center.

07 May 2013

ComputerTalk’s hosted ice Lync cloud

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ice Lync Clouds

ComputerTalk’s hosted ice Lync cloud can connect with your cloud for added communication features.

Adding communication capabilities to your contact center and day-to-day business processes can help drive business results and help you exceed customer expectations.  If you are looking for a full end-to-end unified communications solution for your office and contact center, combine Office 365 with ice in the ComputerTalk cloud.

You can also come to us for help in meeting technology goals.

If you are looking to replace your PBX with an IP-PBX, we can provide telephony expertise, so you can become SIP voice-enabled at the speed you choose. Once the transition is complete, you can take advantage of the benefits of SIP telephony in your office and in your contact center.

If your cloud is missing certain contact center or communication pieces, you can connect to ours for all the products listed in the ComputerTalk cloud (i.e. PCI compliant contact center, Lync IP PBX, ice, applications that make your processes more communications conscious.)

We can also work with you to provide your customers a joint offering.

Questions?  Send it to us using the Message Us section.

29 April 2013

Lync - Skype connectivity for presence, IM and voice

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Skype Hits 2 Billion Minutes Per Day

Skype is the communications hub that brings people together. With over two billion minutes used, it is a true testament to the effectiveness and its ease of use. Whether making a voice or video call, sending an instant message, connecting with business partners, stakeholders and customers has never been easier.

Do you have a contact center that supports connecting with your clients at such superior level? Contact us for direction on how to get there.

Lync - Skype connectivity for presence, IM and voice will be available to all Lync users. This move will begin to enable what we call B2X. B2X places the focus of business communication on enabling human interactions. B2X puts people first and looks at communications in a unified way, not as disparate technology silos focused on one task or protocol. Computer Talk is your gateway to unified communications.

01 April 2013

Microsoft Lync to bring unified communications for business to iPad

Written by Martin Borowski, Posted in Microsoft, Lync, Unified Communications

Microsoft has confirmed that it will release iPhone and iPad apps for its unified communication (UC) software Lync 2013 once the software has gone through Apple's App Store approval process.
Lync 2013 has already launched on Windows 8 Phone and is expected to come to Apple’s mobile iOS devices within the next few days.

Bringing UC for business to iPad will make several useful business features available to Microsoft Lync account holders with iOS devices; including instant messaging, VoIP and video calls, and viewing PowerPoint files or taking notes in OneNote when in Lync-hosted virtual meetings.

Microsoft demonstrated its Lync 2013 mobile clients at the Lync Conference in San Diego in February, when it announced that the apps for Windows Phone and iOS would be launching in March.  A Microsoft spokesman told ZDNet that an Android app will come to market in April, while Lync 2013, as expected, already works on Windows 8 and Windows RT devices.  Non-account holders can join Lync meetings from a browser on their PC or Mac.

Word has it that Microsoft is working on integrating Lync and Skype and expects to be able to deliver that integration to customers by June.

Learn how ice Unified Communications can enhance your business.