12 December 2016

ComputerTalk's New Head Office!

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ComputerTalk is continuously growing and we have outgrown our current location. As of December 19th, 2016, we will be operating out of:

150 Commerce Valley Drive West
Suite 800
Markham, Ontario
L3T 7Z3

Don't worry, we aren't moving far, just across the street. However, by moving across the street we are leaving Richmond Hill and entering Markham.

We are excited to start the new year in our modern and collaborative office space!

Click here to check out our other office locations.


25 October 2016

6 Benefits of Incorporating IVR Into Your Customer Service Strategy

Written by Nicole Robinson, Posted in Contact Center, Unified Communications

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers. All of us have interacted with one before. You many have used an IVR system to get routed to the correct department or person, receive answers to FAQs, book or cancel appointments, check accounts, or more over the phone. Some IVR systems use speech recognition to allow you to communicate your needs. Below are some common benefits that organizations experience from adding an IVR system to their organization.

6 Benefits

1. Increase customer satisfaction

With an easy to use and reliable IVR, customers are directed to the correct agent or department who can answer their inquires. IVR systems are always available to customers regardless of the time or day. IVR systems can be programed with personalized greetings and queue treatment based on the caller’s number or ID information.

2. Decrease call times

IVR systems answer calls on the first ring. Callers can receive quick and informative answers to their questions such as account information, hours of operation and FAQs. If the IVR is unable to resolve the caller’s problem, the call is directed to the appropriate agent or department to handle their inquiry. The information the caller has provided the IVR is presented to the agent preventing them from repeating themselves.

3. Increase first contact resolution

Calls are routed to the appropriate agent or department that is most qualified to meet the caller’s needs. This reduces the likelihood of the call being transferred.

4. Improve efficiency and productivity

With an IVR directing calls, more calls can be answered simultaneously. Agents are presented with the information callers provided to the IVR system. Agents will be matched with customers in need of their specific expertise. This increases the speed in which they can provide appropriate answers and reduces the likelihood of transferring the customer to another agent. Agents can focus on other tasks or handle more calls as the IVR resolves a portion of the calls.

5. Reduce operational costs

The improved efficiency and productivity from the IVR system will reduce operational costs. IVR auto attendant systems can replace receptionists or a customer service agent who directs calls lowering head count.

Agents are experts within their area of expertise. Since they do not need to be trained on all areas this reduces training costs.

6. Improve company image

Smaller companies can create a larger and more professional image with an IVR system fronting their greeting. At the same time, a larger company can use an IVR system to maintain consistency with their greetings and handle higher call volumes.

These are just a few of the common benefits organizations experience by adding an IVR system. Let us know if you have experienced any of these benefits or other benefits by leaving a message in the comment section below. If you would like more information on IVR benefits or applications message us or request a demo.


28 September 2016

Ignite 2016 - Drive real-world success with Skype for Business platform solutions

Written by Nicole Robinson, Posted in Contact Center, ComputerTalk, Events

What break out sessions are you attending at Ignite 2016? Join Microsoft and ComputerTalk Friday September 30th at 9am to learn more about enhancing productivity by integrating communications into your everyday business processes.

James Skay, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft will be presenting Drive real-world success with Skype for Business platform solutions.

Join us in room C108/109 or click here to watch the live stream.


This session highlights real-world partner solutions built upon Skype for Business. ComputerTalk is excited to present ice Contact Center for Skype for Business and will be the only contact center solution showcased. Chris Bardon, Chief Software Architect and Brandon Viamonte, Director US Sales and Partnerships at ComputerTalk will discuss how ice Contact Center can maximize your Microsoft investment and increase business productivity.

ice, Intelligent Communications Exchange, contact center is the only enterprise-class, native Skype for Business contact center. It opens up channels of communication, so your customers, prospects, and partners can contact you in ways that are most convenient for them.

Interested in learning more about ice Contact Center for Skype for Business? Request a demo!



19 September 2016

WEBINAR: Moving your contact center to Skype For Business. Maximizing your Microsoft strategy today and in the future.

Written by Nicole Robinson, Posted in ComputerTalk, Webinars

Are you thinking about moving to Skype for Business or have you recently upgraded to Skype for Business? If you have, you have probably asked yourself "What about my contact center?"

Join ComputerTalk October 12th at 1PM ET as we discuss moving your contact center to Skype for Business

You will come out of this webinar knowing:

  • Market factors that are increasing the number of Skype for Business powered contact centers
  • The benefits of building an omni-channel contact center on Skype for Business
  • Situations where response groups are not enough
  • Current and future migration paths for moving your contact center and auto attendant to Office 365 PSTN
  • How to integrate the contact center into your help desk and customer service applications
  • Tips to help you achieve success and avoid common mistakes

This is an exclusive webinar with limited live seats based on a first-come, first-registered basis. All registrants will receive a link to an on-demand version after the webinar. At the end of the webinar there will be a Q&A session where we will address specific questions you might have.

Register now for a live seat!


31 August 2016

ComputerTalk Today Announces a Partnership with SoftApp-distribution in the Netherlands!

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Richmond Hill, Canada (August 31, 2016) – ComputerTalk Technology Inc, the one and only provider of the enterprise-class native Skype for Business contact center welcomes SoftApp-distribution, located in the Netherlands, to the ComputerTalk Global Partner Network. This partnership will further expand ComputerTalk's presence in Europe and bring added value to contact centers in that region.

The SoftApp-distribution-ComputerTalk partnership will bring enterprise-class Skype for Business native contact center and business process automation to companies in the Benelux region. By using ice, the Intelligent Communications Exchange, companies will be able to extend the power of contact center applications to the rest of the enterprise.

"With the addition of ice as an on-premises solution or as a hosted service, we offer our partners a Skype for Business enterprise-class solution that addresses increasing demand for additional telephony functions on the Skype for Business and Office 365 platform," said Jeroen André de la Porte – CEO, SoftApp-distribution. "ComputerTalk, with almost 3 decades of contact center experience, provides the latest and greatest features that SoftApp-distribution customers are demanding." Through this partnership, SoftApp-distribution will be able to provide their customers a software-only, all-in-one multimedia contact center that supports the phone, instant messaging, email, Twitter, video, fax, Skype, and SMS modalities.

Charles Lesieur – Business Development Manager, ComputerTalk says, "We are excited to partner with SoftApp-distribution - they know the Microsoft application stack and the Benelux region very well. With their expertise, we will bring the winning combination of Skype for Business / O365 and ice to customers in Europe."

About ComputerTalk:
ComputerTalk ice, the intelligent communications exchange, is the only enterprise-class native Skype for Business contact center. It seamlessly integrates advanced IVR and ACD functionality with the omnichannel power of Skype for Business in the contact center. Our software-based, modular architecture creates an easily managed, scalable software solution that can integrate with any business application. Omnichannel components of ice include: voice, email, IM/Webchat, video, social media, and fax. These components can be universally queued, reported on, and integrated into your existing database applications for CRM, ERP, help desk, and HR.

Founded in 1987, ComputerTalk, is headquartered in Richmond Hill, Canada. ComputerTalk is a global provider of enterprise-class Skype for Business native and PBX-agnostic contact center products, cloud hosting services and custom application development. ComputerTalk is a contact center member of the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance and a Microsoft Gold Application Development and Gold Communications partner.

Contact: Nicole Robinson, Marketing Associate, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About SoftApp-distribution:
SoftApp-distribution headquartered in Amersfoort – the Netherlands, is a Benelux centric value-add ICT distributor of cutting edge Unified Communications add-on solutions. SoftApp-distribution offers customer facing business partners unique and 'world class' Unified Communication add-on solutions that add true value on customer level, not only provide the solutions but also the tools, training and resources to enable our customer facing business partners to continue to build profitable businesses, and deliver to our vendors a stable, dedicated and knowledgeable regional reseller network that truly contributes towards their image, growth and profitability.

Contact: Jeroen André de la Porte, CEO, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


19 July 2016

WPC BASH 2016 Toronto Rooftop Party Photos

Written by Martin Borowski, Posted in ComputerTalk, Events, World Partner Conference 2016

Thank you for attending our rooftop WPC BASH 2016. We've been rated as the best party of WPC'16.

We hope you had fun! View all the photos after the link.

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