22 April 2013

Can UC improve your business?

Written by Martin Borowski, Posted in Unified Communications

Are you BYOD ready?

Can UC improve your business?

How can Unified Communications (UC) actually improve a business?  Chris Griffith shares specifics on how UC helped Expert Service Providers LLC, where Griffith was a managing member and chief operating officer.  With efficient communication as a primary goal, UC's streamlining of emails, faxes, or video conferencing reaped dividends for ESP - keeping employees and customers connected, improving response times, overall professional conduct, and security.

In the modern marketplace, as more and more employees adapt the Bring your Own Device (BYOD) culture, there are myriad communication options including instant messaging, video phone, VoIP, email, and many more.  UC eliminated delayed transmissions for ESP by, well, unifying communications; allowing real-time contact regardless of the platform - an issue that could cause serious delays in the past.  And UC coordinates critical communications, which syncs PDAs, fax, and video conferencing, with clients and staff when on the road.

UC also allowed ESP employees to take work home with them and remain connected to the network, meaning they could now complete tasks independently, coordinate group projects during off-hours, or simply to work and achieve results when they liked, increasing overall productivity, and eliminating the need for tech department support as the employees could use their own devices.   

UC also provided geographic flexibility for highly telecommuters, who rarely checked in at the bricks and mortar location of the company.  UC synced video-conferencing, messaging, VoIP – all the different modes of communications, creating remote interactivity which eliminated travel time and costs. Essentially, UC created a virtual workplace environment that connects key players, regardless of physical location limitations.   

Griffith's take on UC - if you have a business with enough independent elements to the network, such that deploying UC and streamlining devices can bring about these advantages, it's well worth exploring UC options.

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