04 May 2016

To Cloud or Not To Cloud - On Premises vs Cloud

Written by Vivian Pow, Posted in Contact Center, ComputerTalk, Technology

Organizations have many technology choices when it comes to contact centers. Both on-premises and cloud solutions deliver potential benefits, as illustrated in the comparison table below. 

Regardless of your decision, choose your providers carefully, as contact centers have complex requirements. If you need an expert to help walk you through your requirements, leave us a message here

19 October 2011

Why Presence Matters - Microsoft Lync

Written by Chris Bardon, Posted in Lync, Microsoft

Why presence matters

One of the biggest changes that bringing a system like Microsoft Lync into the enterprise does is introduce the concept of presence.  Now presence is nothing new-public IM systems and gaming platforms have had it for years, and even many offices had “analogue presence” with an in/out board or other mechanism to know who was where and when.  It’s reasonably easy to dismiss presence as a gimmick until you live with it for a week. Then you’ll wonder how you got on without it.  Here’s a couple of examples of why presence matters: