Are you using an Avaya or Nortel PBX?
Bring your contact center into the 21st century!

If you are currently using an Avaya or Nortel PBX, you are familiar with the frustrating experience of managing an on-premises legacy PBX. This hardware is often outdated, costly and lacking in features. In spite of this, switching to a new platform is a daunting prospect. The transition can take time and present new hurdles for your organization to overcome.

While it may seem scary, PBX replacement may not be as hard as you think. What if you could deploy a new contact center solution on your current PBX, while slowly transitioning your entire stack to the cloud? This may sound like a far-off dream, but ComputerTalk’s ice Contact Center can do exactly that. Our team has 30 years of experience in replacing outdated PBXs with modern, powerful and cost-effective solutions. We know that the transition can put stress on your organization, so we are here to help. It’s time to join your competitors in transitioning your contact center to the cloud, and finally unplugging your legacy PBX!

ice Contact Center is a PBX-agnostic solution that is available in the cloud and on-premises. This means that ice can be deployed in the cloud and supported in a hybrid scenario alongside your on-premises PBX. You can slowly move your organization to the cloud, one department at a time. This process will eliminate downtime and ease adoption for your employees. When you have finally disconnected the legacy PBX, you will no longer have any infrastructure to manage! Do you want to keep your legacy PBX while leveraging the powerful feature set of ice Contact Center? No problem. Being PBX-agnostic means that ice can be used with your legacy PBX for as long as you need.

ice contact center


Our expert team works closely with yours to fully understand your business needs. We are able to customize your solution to preserve your favorite aspects of the legacy PBX, while enhancing the aspects that didn’t meet your needs. ice Contact Center supports all media channels and all device types while leveraging monitoring, reporting and analytics to help you improve your customer experience. Our professional services will help you design a solution that is capable of things that a legacy PBX couldn’t even imagine. Best of all, the cloud solution is scalable and customizable to suit your changing business needs at any time.

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