Find out more about how hybrid transition from TDM to IP works. Our TDM Unplugged experts can help you realize the benefits of IP PBX and UC by centralizing administration functions and integrating multi-vendor systems. 

Benefits of using IP

Dramatic Cost Reduction

Improved Business Agility

New Features

Support for remote office / work from home Integrations with productivity suites such as Microsoft Office, Dynamics, SharePoint Click-to-call
Have one network for both data and voice, instead of two separate ones Ability to scale up or down as business needs change Presence
Phone and communications system that is full featured and simple to administer/deploy Video and audio conferencing tools enhances the collaboration experience Computer Telephony Integration
Eliminate a large portion of administration, long distance calling, and travel costs   Unified voice, email, and instant messaging
    Mobility – single number reach and support for mobile devices

Companies use ice Contact Center alongside their IP and legacy PBX contact centers to create a better customer experience. Using ice, you can deliver customer service through additional multi-media connection points, continuously improve the quality of service with information provided through in-depth reports, and create powerful contact center productivity applications.

If your organization has plans to upgrade to Lync or Skype for Business, you can rest assured that your mission critical contact center can be part of that move. ice works with Lync and Skype for Business the same way it does with your existing contact center. Your agents, administrators, and supervisors would use the same tools as before, so there is minimal retraining.

Most Important

You can use your existing PBX system! Hybrid models allow you to keep your TDM handsets, while gaining new functionalities.

How TDM Unplugged can help you

After migrating from TDM to IP, companies experience cost savings and increased efficiency. ComputerTalk can help you avoid the stressful experience of "rip and replace", by providing a hybrid approach to migration. With hybrid migration, each user has the option to continue using their existing phone set, instead of answering calls from their computer. With practice and training, users would become comfortable with answering calls from their computer, using a headset; at this point, TDM phone sets can be unplugged. When all users are comfortable with this change, the entire TDM PBX can be unplugged and removed. 

In conjunction with the migration to Lync/Skype for Business, ice, which is a native Lync/Skype for Business contact center which also support hybrid migration, can be installed at the same time. 

We can help you optimize your system for increased productivity and develop a unique communications strategy, with a detailed plan that follow design and implementation best practices. For more information, visit

9 Reasons to move

  1. Traditional TDM-PBX vendors are end of life-ing their solutions, so IP PBX should be considered a safer long term choice.
  2. IP based solutions are location independent, making them better suited for virtualization, which can serve to lower staffing and support costs.
  3. Better enable disaster recovery practices by allowing staff positions to be redeployed at other locations.
  4. Better equipped to handle multi-media activities, when looking to incorporate UC functionality.
  5. Data centered nature of IP, as opposed to the telephony centric nature of TDM, facilitates integration with other IT applications.
  6. Businesses report typical savings of 25% after replacing legacy TDM infrastructure with SIP. (Gartner)
  7. Ability to incorporate more UC.
  8. IP is a useful way to enable interoperability among communication platform and services. It is useful in environments where multiple vendor communication products must be integrated.
  9. Result - More effective work processes, better use of collaborative multimedia applications, and a more agile enterprise communications infrastructure.