An organization’s help desk is a hub for all things technology related. Help desk agents need tools that help them resolve technology-related problems quickly.

Using the contact center productivity tools in ice (intelligent communication exchange) Contact Center, your help desk agents will be able to solve support issues faster, so customers can return to an operational state as soon as possible.


When you use ice Contact Center with your help desk, you will see these benefits:

  1. Increased problem resolution rates
    1. Faster service: Using ice, you can build applications that expedite help desk processes, so your agents can resolve more problems quicker.
    2. More accessible service: ice provides your help desk the ability to deliver support and diagnostic help through multiple channels (voice, email, web chat, instant messaging, and even social media). Agents can escalate across channels so the most appropriate one is used.
    3. Smarter service: ice intelligently routes interactions to minimize the time spent on manual transfers. When queues are busy, interactions are routed to overflow queues to ensure none of them are lost.

  2. New features work with existing software
    1. ice integrates with existing Customer Relationship Management, Workforce Management, and ticketing software, so your agents can continue to deliver support using the tools they are familiar with. ice also works with different PBX and IP-PBX systems, on premises or in the cloud, so you can be rest assured that your existing telephony investments will continue to work.

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