Is your contact center deterring you from moving your PBX to the cloud?

We understand that the contact center is a mission-critical piece of your unified communications platform, and customer service cannot be negatively impacted by a cloud migration. ice is the only enterprise-class, Skype for Business native, contact center solution that is deployed fully in the cloud. Pairing ice with Office 365 Cloud PBX enables organizations to achieve unprecedented levels of customer service across multiple communications channels with no on-prem server footprint. This dramatically improves the power and reach of Office 365 Cloud PBX.

ComputerTalk implements a zero on-prem footprint contact center solution, which includes PSTN connectivity for cloud PBX users, enabling you to move your entire communications stack to the cloud.

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Although PSTN calling is not yet available in Canada, we make this possible by offering an all-in-one solution in partnership with Microsoft. In addition to enterprise-class contact center, advanced auto-attendant, and enhanced call queues, ComputerTalk also offers cloud-native PSTN connectivity for all Office 365 users, including DIDs, Toll Free numbers, and domestic/international calling packages.

What's included?

Moving to the cloud is easy with ComputerTalk. To ensure delivery of quality services that meet and exceed your requirements, ComputerTalk adheres to the Skype Operations Framework. ComputerTalk works closely with your team throughout the planning, delivery and operation phases, guaranteeing that the solution conforms to your business requirements.

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  • Capture business requirements.
  • Define architecture and approach.
  • Assess readiness.
  • Undertake remediation and preparation.
  • Define business requirements
  • Joint application design session
  • Network assessment
  • Design of complete end-to-end solution
  • Deliver high quality Skype for Business Online services on a site-by-site basis while driving adoption and initiating operations.
  • Identify personas to target new features and capabilities as these are released.
  • Development
  • Quality assurance testing
  • Implementation
  • User acceptance testing
  • Training
  • Maintain and enhance the delivery of a high quality and reliable Skype for Business Online service to end users over time.
  • Support services to meet ongoing, dynamic business requirements
  • End-to-end monitoring for quality services
  • Provision of reports to make informed business decisions

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Why choose ComputerTalk’s Zero on-premises Footprint Contact Center with Enterprise Voice Telephony?

  • One stop shop for an end-to-end solution, including contact center and enterprise voice telephony.
  • ComputerTalk ice is the only enterprise-class, native Skype for Business contact center solution.
  • Add PSTN calling in Canada to Office 365 Cloud PBX solutions with a zero on-prem footprint.
  • We employ the Skype Operations Framework to guarantee all deployment requirements are met.
  • When PSTN calling is available from Microsoft in Canada, organizations have the flexibility and safety to migrate individual groups and users to Microsoft’s PSTN at their own pace.
  • ComputerTalk can work with your organization through the transition to cloud voice no matter what platform you currently use, and can provide contact center solutions throughout the move. Contact center users do not all have to be moved at once, and members of the same queue can even be on different platforms and still collaborate.