With ice Contact Center, PDX was able to migrate from OCS, to Lync, then to Skype for Business. The company finally decommissioned the old Avaya system, and upgraded from an existing Customer Relations Management (CRM) software to Salesforce. These new tools streamlined and automated many processes at PDX.



T.D. Williamson Inc.

With today's busy schedules, people's time is precious. If requests are not answered within a short period of time, be it through phone, email, SMS, Twitter, Skype, or Lync, customers will turn to other vendors or service providers. Businesses that use basic call management systems are often unable to support the modalities and offer the type of service customers have come to expect.

T.D. Williamson (TDW) is a global pipeline manufacturing and service company with a dedication to quality and extreme customer commitment. TDW has seen great success using Lync 2013 as a tool for communication, using it for global conferencing and internal communications. ComputerTalk's ice (Intelligent Communications Exchange) gave TDW the ability to use their existing Lync infrastructure to decrease response times and improve customer service in their internal help desk.




ComputerTalk’s ice contact center on Skype for Business streamlines Magnetek’s helpline.

The technical and field support team at Magnetek runs a phone helpdesk that operates as a first point of contact for after-market services. Support technicians work with crane operators and maintenance technicians in the field to help them solve real-time problems. The nature of their work requires them to be offline or away from the desk intermittently throughout the day. This can lead to confusion among the group about who is available to take calls versus who is working on other projects. The team’s voicemail was separate from the call queue and lacked a call back option, so customers who couldn't reach a support technician would “call and hang up, call and hang up” or try other departments. By implementing ice Contact Center on Skype for Business, the team simplified their process for entering and leaving the call queue, provided customers with the peace of mind knowing they’ll be helped as quickly as possible, and opened the door to possibilities for improving productivity and process enhancements.


Bob Barker Company

Bob Barker Company moves to ice Contact Center and Skype for Business to eliminate servers, connect departments and save $15,000/month.

Bob Barker Company, America’s leading detention supplier, migrated their call centers from Cisco Unified Communications platform to ComputerTalk’s ice Contact Center on Skype for Business. The move to the cloud saved the company $15,000 per month in infrastructure; empowered the call center manager with enhanced capabilities to manage her team more effectively; and provided real-time insights and better control to individual customer service agents through an intuitive interface. The company-wide move to Skype for Business and Office 365 unified the company’s communication platform, enabling better customer service and increased opportunity for innovation.